The all-time favorite place for travelers who come to Phuket

The all-time favorite place for travelers who come to Phuket london to phuket If talking about a paradise island in the Andaman region Phuket Probably the first destination of tourists Blue sky, white sandy beach and small and large islands is something that anyone I would like to come and experience it once in my life. But it is known as Paradise Island.

Phuket doesn’t just have beautiful beaches. There is also the beauty of the culture and way of life that has been handed down since the past. I believe that anyone who goes there would want to keep important tourist attractions for everyone.

1. Old Phuket Town, Phuket
Phuket Old Town or Phuket Old Town, a tourist attraction in the old town that everyone must stop by to check in. The highlight of this area is Sino-Portuguese architecture with a two-story building, decorations and details. All reflect the fusion of European and Chinese art. Distinguished by buildings painted in different colors. In addition, in the old town area, there are many cafes, restaurants and chic shops to walk and chill. Get beautiful photos to upload to social media for sure

2. Rainbow Road, Phuket
Rainbow Street Street art on Patong Beach Road which is tinged with the bright colors of the rainbow in the pattern of sea waves Along with a herd of small and large dolphins that swim among the colorful waves. Helps to add liveliness to this street and now it has become a landmark that everyone who comes to Patong must stop by to check in and take chic photos

3.Lad Nad Rimle Kalim, Phuket
Street food lovers must visit. Market near the edge of Kalim In the evening, there will be three sieges set up selling food along the side of the road. It is recommended to come during the setting sun. You will get the mood of choosing to shop for food. along with the orange sun That shines down is a very beautiful picture of a house. Each food item is very friendly. You can choose from many shops and find a quiet corner somewhere. Sit and eat while watching the sunset. The atmosphere is very satisfying. Hundreds of food But really a million views

4. Promthep Cape View Point, Phuket
Laem Phromthep viewpoint It looks like a rocky promontory that stands into the sea. Surrounded by many sugar palm trees. It is one of the most popular spots to watch the sunset. Anyone who goes can sit and chill. at the edge of the cement while waiting for the sunset Or maybe walking down to the end of the cape is another angle that is equally beautiful. comfortable atmosphere Sit and watch the last light that slowly fades away from the edge of the sea, the sun reflecting on the sea. It’s so beautiful that I can’t help but lift my camera to take pictures

5. Siam Niramit, Phuket
(Siam Niramit Phuket)
Arriving in Phuket, don’t miss Siam Niramit, a place that offers a special experience by taking everyone back in time to see the way of life, traditions and culture of Thailand through world-class performances. Guaranteed greatness with many awards and recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest stage in the world. In addition, every show has a splendor of scenes, lights, sounds and costumes that are exquisite and beautiful. Let me tell you that it was amazing and very enjoyable.